Threats and obstacles to resilience in wine societies


Maria Alebaki

Maria Alebaki is a Researcher at the Agricultural Economics Research Institute, (AGRERI) of the Hellenic Agricultural Organization DIMITRA. She holds a Phd in Agricultural Economics from the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. Her academic interests lie in the areas of rural and wine tourism; consumer behavior in tourism; tourism networks; tourism education; and the sustainability/resilience perspective of tourism development. Her work appears in peer-reviewed journals, book chapters and conference proceedings, while her academic experience also includes teaching in higher education institutes, as well as participation in research and development projects. Currently, she serves as an Adjunct Faculty Member at the Hellenic Open University; and the Agricultural University of Athens.

From a resilience perspective, the wine tourism sector constitutes a complex socio-ecological system which integrates both tangible and intangible elements of agriculture, manufacturing and the service industry, including: wineries, vineyards, wine festivals and shows; hospitality infrastructure and dining facilities; human resources; policy and institutional arrangements; as well as territorial features. The interrelatedness and diversity of these components renders wine tourism particularly vulnerable to a multitude of issues, affecting both supply and demand. Drawing on results from a recent study, this presentation will address the factors associated with the ability of the wine tourism system to deal with current and emerging threats. Research was undertaken with a diverse group of key stakeholders and national experts of the wine and tourism industry. Thematic analysis revealed a set of challenges centered around three main categories, namely, economic, social and environmental. It is upon the second group of factors that this presentation will focus.

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