The Supreme Court, the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act


Franck Laffaille

Franck Laffaille is Professor of Public Law at the Faculty of Law of Villetaneuse (IDPS) -Université de Paris 13 (Sorbonne-Paris-Cité). Conducting part of his research in Italian law, he holds two columns, one in the Revue Française de Droit Constitutionnel, in Italian political law, the other in the Revue du Droit Public, in Italian jurisprudence.

After the adoption of the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act, the Supreme Court must arbitrate litigation related to the entry into force of the prohibition. Two themes – classical – deserve study: the form of the state (federal) and freedoms (individual and collective). Thus, the focus is on relations between the federal state and the federated entities and then on the (alleged) violation of fundamental rights by the new positive law.

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