Prohibition: a law, a fact and a crisis

Enforced by the 18th Amendment to the US Constitution, Prohibition is a unique modern day experiment in regulating alcohol consumption.
It provides insight into the relationship between law and morality and questions the ability of law to replace free will in consumer habits.

Wine in premodern thought

Relationships between the nature of wine, the human condition, and the constituent elements of the universe, long before the discoveries of modern science, have allowed scientists to present the many facets of wine and the men who drink it.

Prohibition in Canada and Quebec (1878-1930)

The US “noble experience” of prohibition has left the imagination of many, often eclipsing similar experiences elsewhere in North America. Like its southern neighbor, Canada has experienced several forms of prohibition: national, provincial and municipal.

Champagne against prohibition 1919-1933

When in 1919, the Volstead Act banned the consumption of alcohol in the United States, champagne is particularly affected. The American market represented up to 4,500,000 bottles out of the 30 million bottles…